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Just In: Sharks Win!

Read about Manley & Manley's most recent victory in court

For nearly 40 years, the criminal defense lawyers at Manley & Manley have been defending the rights of our clients. When a person is arrested in Michigan and accused of a crime, our attorneys promise to ensure that they receive the best possible result based upon "the facts" of the case. This would include negotiating a favorable resolution in our client's best interest or taking the case to trial. 

The legal team at Manley & Manley congratulates Attorney Scott R. Bigger and Attorney Sara K. Coaster for being "Sharks in the courtroom" and winning a recent jury trial.

Attorney Scott R. Bigger and Attorney Sara Kennedy Coaster

These Manley "Sharks" pictured in front of the United States Constitution have given our client back his life and restored his reputation in our community. We also thank the assisting lawyers and support staff who worked fiercely behind the scenes.

12 unbiased jurors heard the evidence and unanimously said not guilty. Case closed!

If you or someone you know needs experienced legal representation, contact the Sharks at Manley & Manley today for a free case evaluation. Freedom has no price. WE DON'T PLAY!

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