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Harsh Federal Drug Policy Underway

The federal government has reopened the “War on Drugs,” at the same time putting many Michigan residents in the line of fire of overzealous prosecutors. As reported by The Washington Post, Attorney General Jeff Sessions has ordered some 5,000 federal prosecutors to seek the most severe charges and penalties possible in drug cases. Critics, including...

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New Saliva Tests Could Potentially Affect the Legal Rights of Flint Drivers

For many years, defense attorneys have questioned the accuracy of field tests such as portable breath tests and preliminary drug tests. Now, the Michigan State Police have begun using roadside saliva tests in order to examine for certain types of drugs. This raises important legal questions about the accuracy of this new testing. With the...

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Why A Fair Trial is Difficult for Michigan DUI-Marijuana Charges

Over the past several decades, DUI laws across the country have been strengthened, and law enforcement efforts have been targeted and expanded. These efforts have significantly reduced the incidents of drunk driving. Unfortunately, drugged driving laws have not received the same thorough treatment as drunk driving laws. This has led to ambiguities in the law...

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The Many Types of White Collar Crimes

There are many different types of crime which fall under the broad category of white collar crimes. Fraud itself can take many forms: embezzlement; fraudulent billing; false documentation or inspection reports; any many other forms of fraud all constitute white collar crimes with significant prison sentences. Defendants charged with any white collar crime in Michigan...

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Consequences of a First-Time Drug Offense in Michigan

In the history of American criminal justice, drug offenses have generally been subject to some of the harshest penalties of all criminal charges. The current penal code of Michigan continues this trend. Defendants who are convicted of drug offenses are subject to jail time, fines and court fees, substance abuse counseling, community service, driver’s license...

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Michigan Check Fraud May be Harshly Prosecuted

Michigan check fraud arrests are an increasingly common occurrence and can lead to serious criminal penalties if one is convicted. That's why you need an experienced defense attorney if you are accused of one of these offenses, considered a form of white collar crime. A rash of cases recently cropped up in Battle Creek, about 2 hours...

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“The Most Serious, Readily Provable Offense” and You: A User’s Guide to Presenting a Federal Defense in Changing Times

Whatever your politics, it is beyond dispute that the current administration in Washington is looking to be less lenient than the last. One of the most recent examples is Attorney General Jeff Sessions’s two-page memorandum that instructs federal prosecutors to “charge and pursue the most serious, readily provable offense” in every case. Prosecutors who wish...

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