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Impaired-Driving Prevention Technology Could Become Standard

Facing DUI charges (referred to as OWI in Michigan) can have a serious personal and professional impact. A conviction can mean significant financial strain due to fines and legal fees and the potential loss of driving privileges, which can affect one's ability to work. A criminal record can make it difficult to find another job,...

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What Not to do If You're Facing OWI Charges in Michigan

Michigan's OWI laws are strict, with penalties that can have lasting effects on your personal and professional life. Whether it's your first encounter with the law or you have previous OWI charges, knowing what not to do is just as important as knowing what to do. The key to effectively dealing with an OWI charge...

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Are Field Sobriety Tests Required In Michigan?

When prosecutors move forward with DUI charges, they rely on evidence that was gathered by the police officer who made the traffic stop. During a stop, an officer may begin by asking the driver if they know why they were pulled over if they have been drinking, where they are coming from, and where they...

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How Are Domestic Violence Charges Handled in Michigan?

Put yourself in the best position to protect your legal rights. Any criminal charge can change your life dramatically, but few charges have more serious consequences than domestic violence. Even being charged with domestic violence can have a massive impact on your reputation, your career, and your future. And if you are convicted of a...

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Tips for Avoiding a Holiday DUI in Michigan

During the holiday season in Michigan and other states, law enforcement officials often take a tough stance on drinking and driving. So if you do get pulled over by police, be prepared to be charged with driving under the influence (DUI) of alcohol. A DUI charge can have a huge impact on your life. You...

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How to Use Your Miranda Rights in Michigan

Never answer questions without a lawyer by your side. Many people probably know they have Miranda rights, and should they ever be arrested, a police officer will explain or "read" their rights to them. Miranda rights include the right to remain silent and the right to an attorney. They protect people suspected of crimes from...

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How Does Michigan Automatic Expungement Work?

Auto expungements may not always happen on time. Automatic expungement of certain criminal convictions began this year in Michigan—two years after the Clean Slate Act took effect. The legislation also expanded expungement eligibility through the application process. Expungement is important because criminal records can have long-term negative impacts on people even after they have completed...

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In Michigan, Is Shooting Someone in Self-Defense a Crime?

In Michigan, you have the right to use deadly force to defend yourself or another person if you reasonably believe that you or the other person is in imminent danger of death, great bodily harm, or sexual assault. This is known as "self-defense," and your right to stop harm against yourself and others is generally...

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