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Michigan May Soon Lower its BAC Limit to 0.05

The standard blood alcohol content (BAC) level in Michigan, and across the United States, is 0.08. If a new Michigan bill becomes law, that could change. State lawmakers are looking to lower the BAC to 0.05, according to WSBT22. House Bill 4420 is sponsored by State Representatives Abdullah Hammoud, Karen Whitsett, Sheryl Kennedy, and Mari...

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What Types Of DUI Tests Are Given In Michigan?

In my 29 years of practice, I have covered a LOT of “drunk driving” cases. This includes driving under the influence of liquor and driving under the influence of controlled substances. During the years, I have heard a lot of misinformation regarding the testing procedures in these cases and I thought I would take this...

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Criminal Defense Attorneys Discuss Recreational Marijuana in Michigan

Proposal 1 was approved by Michigan residents. The new law, called the Michigan Regulation and Taxation of Marihuana Act (MRTMA), went into effect on December 6, 2018. This means the use of recreational marijuana is legal in Michigan with regulatory oversight from the Michigan Department of Regulatory Affairs (LARA). But what does this mean? What...

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What You Should Know About Legal Marijuana in Michigan

Michigan has joined nine other states and Washington, D.C. in legalizing marijuana for recreational use. The law has yet to take effect, but once it does, it’s important that Michigan residents understand the legal ramifications that apply to them.   Legal marijuana doesn’t necessarily mean that those in possession are exempt from criminal charges. Once the law takes effect, users...

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Finding Alternatives To Jail Time In Michigan

Every so often, a judge somewhere in the country will make headlines for his or her unconventional sentencing. Most recently, it was Judge Marvin Wiggins. When addressing a courtroom filled with people who owed fines for various reasons, the judge provided them with the option of donating blood instead of paying the fine or serving jail time. Those who did received credit...

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