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Why Are Gun Possession Charges Spiking in Michigan?

Targeted police work and a misunderstanding of Michigan’s “open-carry” laws may be driving a surge in nonviolent gun arrests. In Detroit, the number of arrests for carrying concealed weapons (CCWs) has more than doubled since the start of the pandemic. Criminal defense attorneys across the city have noticed the change. The arrests are concentrated in...

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Threats to School Safety Are No Joking Matter

A Criminal Defense Attorney in Michigan Explains In the wake of a school shooting at Oxford High School, several students around the state have made copycat threats. These students may have intended it as a joke, but no one was laughing. Instead, they found themselves in big trouble. Dozens of juveniles in Genesee County and...

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Michigan Raise the Age Legislation is Now in Effect

A Michigan Criminal Defense Attorney Provides the Details On Oct. 1, 2021, Michigan criminal courts officially stopped charging 17-year-old minors as adults. Signed and approved in 2019, "Raise the Age" officially went into effect the first day of October. The law has support from many corners — the GOP, Democrats, many criminal defense lawyers, and...

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New Law May Restore Michigan Driving Priveleges for 73,000 People

A Michigan criminal defense lawyer explains why If you lost your driving privileges in Michigan, you may be among the 73,000 people eligible to get your driver's license back very soon. Due to a change in state law, more than 100 violations and civil infractions are being reclassified. Michigan can no longer suspend people's driving...

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Audit Reveals Invalid DUI Breathalyzer Tests

The hits just keep on coming for breathalyzer test credibility. In September, a state audit revealed that dozens of breathalyzer tests conducted by law enforcement to support driving under the influence (DUI) charges are invalid. In North Dakota, at least 34 DUI breathalyzer tests used expired or otherwise degraded equipment, according to a state audit....

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Seeking New DUI Evidence, Police Learn To Draw Blood

A DUI defense attorney in Michigan reveals what you should know In search of new evidence to present in DUI trials, the state of Georgia is training police officers on how to draw a suspect's blood for intoxication analysis. Over the past five years or so, serious scandals over the accuracy of breathalyzer test results...

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Could anti-DUI technology replace field sobriety tests?

Usually, when people are stopped for drunk driving, it is by the police. But that job could soon go to your car. Congress is eyeing a bill that would require carmakers to include advanced anti-drunk driving technology in their vehicles. The requirement is just one of many spending and regulation proposals rolled into the $1...

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Another blow to breathalyzers: DUI tests losing ground in Michigan, Massachusetts

Massachusetts has become one of the latest states to, at least informally, abandon breathalyzers. Nearly all of the state's district attorneys have either stopped using breathalyzer results as evidence in driving under the influence (DUI) cases, or they have seriously limited the inclusion of the results in trial. They have good reason: some 27,000 Massachusetts...

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