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Problem-Solving Courts in Michigan

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Criminal justice reform has brought with it an increased emphasis on rehabilitation rather than on incarceration. With this reform, Michigan has established several problem-solving courts that are designed to rehabilitate, provide specialized treatment services, and provide intensive supervision. The specialty courts currently operating within the state include:

  • Drug Court
  • Sobriety Court
  • Adult Mental Health Court
  • Juvenile Mental Health Court
  • Veterans Treatment Court

What are problem-solving courts?

Problem-solving courts have been specifically designed to help offenders struggling with substance abuse and addiction and mental health issues. In order to be eligible for the programs, participants must be non-violent offenders suffering from addictions or mental illness. In most cases, the participant must also live within the jurisdiction where the problem-solving court is located. Program participants often include offenders charged with:

Michigan currently has 135 drug and sobriety courts, 42 mental health courts, and 28 veterans courts. The programs are usually imposed as a term of probation and provide an alternative to incarceration. In some cases, a mandatory minimum term of incarceration can be waived upon successful completion of a specialty court. A 24-month term of probation is usually imposed.

What is the Job Court pilot program?

In addition to these problem-solving courts, another pilot program called Job Court is being tested in Genesee, Marquette, and Wayne Counties. This program is currently open to 450 eligible defendants who will be matched with employers who will provide a good-paying job and training in career skills.

Job court is a one-year program that may result, not only in a pathway to a career, but also dismissal of charges for those who are eligible. The program operates as a prosecutorial diversion program.

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Problem-solving courts have been such a success that legislation is currently being considered to expand their use to include certain violent offenders as well as certain civil matters. This would include child abuse and neglect hearings in the family division.

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