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Have you been charged with bribery in Michigan? Are you worried about losing your job or going to jail? Don't wait to take legal action. Make sure you have an experienced attorney on your side who has successfully represented clients under investigation or charged with bribery or public corruption.

Attorney Michael P. Manley has worked hard to build a reputation as a top-notch white collar criminal lawyer who gets results when stakes are high. He handles state and federal cases. One of the top students in his law school, attorney Manley is also recognized as a Board Certified Criminal Trial Expert. The National Trial Lawyers also named Manley one of the Top 100 Trial Lawyers.

What types of bribery cases in Michigan does Michael P. Manley handle?

The following are some of the cases that can be prosecuted under bribery and corruption statutes:

  • Bribery of Public Officials - Such cases are among the most common. These cases frequently involve an individual or corporation paying a public official for a variety of reasons, including:
    • For financial gain (including trying to obtain a government contract)
    • To avoid prosecution (bribing a government inspector or police officer that has discovered illegal activity)
  • Commercial Bribery - Such bribery cases often involve two or more private corporations providing illegal payments in order to obtain business contracts. Commercial bribery cases frequently involve other white collar crimes, including tax evasion and kickbacks.
  • Bribery of Jury Members - Bribing a jury member in an attempt to sway his or her verdict is a felony in Michigan.

If you are dealing with a different type of bribery charge, contact us as soon as possible. Attorney Manley can answer questions and get straight to work on your case. Call (810) 238-0500. We offer a free case evaluation.

What are the penalties for a bribery conviction?

Bribery charges in Michigan can have serious consequences. If you are convicted of bribing a government official or accepting bribes, you could be fined thousands of dollars and sentenced to several years in jail. Specific penalties include:

Bribery of Public Officials


  • Up to 10 years in jail
  • Up to $5,000 in fines

Commercial Bribery


  • Penalties vary
  • Fine or sometimes up to 1 year in jail

Bribery of Jury Members


  • Up to 10 years in jail
  • Up to $20,000 in fines

A detailed list of Michigan's bribery and corruption laws can be found in Act 328 of the Michigan Penal Code.

How can Michael P. Manley help me with my bribery case?

Bribery cases can be extremely complicated, which is why it's important to consult with legal counsel as soon as possible. A lawyer with a well-established track record of success, attorney Manley has handled numerous, high-profile white collar criminal cases in Michigan. He knows how to find holes in the prosecution's case, examine the critical details and build a compelling defense based on solid evidence.

As your lawyer, Michael P. Manley will work tirelessly on your behalf. He frequently reaches out to experts who can advocate on a client's behalf. He and his team will carefully examine official documents outlining your bribery charge to determine if investigators followed the law or made mistakes as part of their investigation.

We leave nothing unexamined in pursuit of justice. We're here for you and want to help you make things right.