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What Should I Do if I'm Arrested for DUI in Michigan?

Michigan DUI defense lawyers Manley & Manley can fight for your rights

If you have been arrested for DUI in Michigan (officially referred to as OWI in Michigan), you should not take the DUI charge lightly. A DUI conviction can have serious consequences - significant fines, loss of driver's license and even jail time in certain instances.

The OWI attorneys at Manley & Manley know that these cases demand the time and effort of an experienced legal professional. We have built a reputation for being able to consistently deliver results in big cases. You can learn more about your legal rights and what our firm can do for you by clicking on the links below:

Are the consequences the same for all DUI arrests?

No. The consequences for a DUI arrest and conviction in Michigan vary widely. You can find more information on our page devoted to penalties for DUI convictions. Different factors that can affect the punishment for a DUI conviction include:

  • Number of DUI offenses - If you have previous DUI convictions, you will face tougher penalties.
  • Your BAC level - The penalties for a DUI conviction with a BAC of .17 percent or greater are more severe than they are for someone with BAC between .08 percent and .17 percent.
  • Other factors - These can include your driving speed, whether you caused a car accident and your driving record.

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Should I plead guilty to DUI?

No. A guilty plea for DUI in Michigan can have serious consequences. You could lose your driver's license for several months or years, be fined thousands of dollars and even spend time in jail for a DUI conviction. What's more, you will have a police record that could prevent you from obtaining a job or even voting if you're convicted of a felony.

Even if you were driving under the influence of alcohol, it's always better to contact a lawyer and explore all your legal options. If you plead not guilty to your DUI charge, you will likely be able to plead your case before a judge, who might reduce your punishment or even dismiss the charges altogether.

Our attorneys have years of experience handling DUI arrest cases throughout Michigan. That’s why people charged with DUI routinely rely on Manley & Manley to help them get the results they need. We understand the law and knows how to get results.

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Driver's License Restoration

Your driver's license can automatically be suspended if you're arrested for OWI in Michigan and refuse to take a chemical test, such as a DUI breath test. Your license will be suspended for at least one year under Michigan's "Implied Consent" law. Your driver's license might also be suspended if you're convicted for OWI in Michigan.

The amount of time your driver's license will be suspended depends on several factors. In particular, if you have been previously convicted of OWI, your driver's license will be suspended for a longer period of time. Another factor is your BAC at the time of your arrest.

Seek legal advice immediately. You could try to defend yourself and get your license reinstated. But it's important to realize that you often only have one opportunity to get your license back. Talk to a Michigan DUI attorney who will fight to get your license restored and your life back on track. Call Manley & Manley today for a free consultation.

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