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How Does Michigan Automatic Expungement Work?

Auto expungements may not always happen on time. Automatic expungement of certain criminal convictions began this year in Michigan—two years after the Clean Slate Act took effect. The legislation also expanded expungement eligibility through the application process. Expungement is important because criminal records can have long-term negative impacts on people even after they have completed...

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In Michigan, Is Shooting Someone in Self-Defense a Crime?

In Michigan, you have the right to use deadly force to defend yourself or another person if you reasonably believe that you or the other person is in imminent danger of death, great bodily harm, or sexual assault. This is known as "self-defense," and your right to stop harm against yourself and others is generally...

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How Do Arrest Warrants Work in Michigan?

If you suspect a warrant has been issued, consult an experienced Michigan criminal defense attorney right away. When it comes to legal matters, it's important to have a clear understanding of how the criminal justice system works. This is especially true when it comes to arrest warrants. In general, a Michigan arrest warrant is a...

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In Michigan, Can the Police Trick You Into a Confession?

Here's how to recognize deceptive police strategies. It is almost always legal for police to lie during interrogations. In this environment, false confessions have become a leading cause of wrongful convictions in the U.S. If you are being questioned by law enforcement, it is essential to understand the deceptive tactics and strategies police use to...

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Understanding Michigan Drug Possession and Trafficking Charges

Drug-related charges can have severe consequences in Michigan. People are charged with drug offenses every day in Michigan. While some charges are considered more serious than others, any drug charge can significantly impact the lives of the accused. In Michigan, drug trafficking and drug possession are two separate and distinct criminal offenses. Although both offenses...

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Can You Get a DUI for Taking Prescription Medication?

While much attention is paid to the dangers of drunk driving, the risks associated with driving under the influence of certain drugs can be just as dangerous. You can be charged with a DUI while under the influence of illegal drugs like marijuana, but you can also be charged if under the influence of prescription...

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What Foods Can Give a False Positive on a Breathalyzer?

Flint DUI defense lawyers break down the foods most likely to trip up breathalyzers. Despite their popularity among law enforcement, breathalyzer tests are not a reliable way to determine whether someone is driving under the influence of alcohol. There are too many ways for the equipment to produce a false positive test result - a...

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Eat, Drink, Be Merry, & Use These 5 Tips to Avoid A Holiday DUI

DUI arrests spike around the holidays in Michigan Many adults choose to enjoy alcohol during holiday celebrations. After all, this is the season to eat, drink, and be merry! However, there is nothing jolly about getting a Michigan DUI. During the winter celebration season, Michigan police regularly conduct special programs to combat drunk driving and...

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Your Miranda Right to Stay Silent in Michigan

You Have the Right to Remain Silent — Use It. Thanks to crime shows and movies, a lot of people have some knowledge of their "Miranda rights." But unfortunately, this information is often inaccurate. A Miranda warning, or "Mirandizing," refers to police reading you your rights. Understanding your civil rights can help protect your freedom....

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