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Drug Offenses in Ann Arbor

We can protect you from drug-related charges

Even in a community such as Ann Arbor with a consistently lenient stance on some drug offenses, being accused of possession or distribution of illegal drugs can have a major impact on your future. In addition to the stiff fines and jail time that can come with drug convictions, these charges can hurt your professional or personal life. You may be barred from certain careers or see personal relationships ruined because of the stigma associated with drug use.

That’s why it’s critically important to have an experienced defense attorney on your side if you’re facing charges for a drug-related crime. You need sound advice to make sure you are on the right track to resolve your legal issues. You need Manley & Manley.

We defend Ann Arbor residents, students and visitors against charges of possession, distribution and trafficking.

Michigan's strict drug laws demand an experienced Ann Arbor attorney's help

Michigan's drug laws are strict. Penalties vary depending on the amount and type of drug in your possession, but you might face fines of thousands of dollars and years in jail. In Ann Arbor, possession of marijuana has been largely decriminalized — though it is still illegal — but you might still face charges for trafficking, or for possession or distribution of a different drug. It's also important to note that Ann Arbor's city ordinances do not apply on property owned or managed by the University of Michigan, where the campus police enforce the much stricter state laws.

With the possibility of fines, incarceration and other penalties looming, you'll need an experienced Michigan attorney on your side. Our attorneys understands the court system and has decades of experience helping people accused of drug offenses get their lives back on track. He'll use his resources to help you get your charge reduced or even dismissed altogether.

If you're facing charges for a drug offense in Ann Arbor, put your trust in our experienced criminal defense attorneys. Visit our office, call 810-238-0500 or contact us today by email.

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