Board Certified Criminal Trial Expert


Michael P. Manley is arguably the most successful and recognizable criminal defense lawyer in the mid-Michigan area. As the area's only Board Certified Criminal Trial Expert, Mr. Manley has devoted his professional life to ensure that the accused get their right to equal justice under the law.

When faced with a criminal accusation, there is no substitute for a well-educated, respected attorney at your side in the legal arena. Michael P. Manley has a reputation amongst clients, Judges and peers of handling his cases with the utmost integrity and discretion. Mr. Manley has an unwavering commitment to achieving the best results for his clients, no matter how challenging the proceedings. A master in the courtroom, with a powerful presence and delivery, Mr. Manley's record in the Courtroom speaks for itself.

As staff reporter, Kimberly Dutkiewicz opined after watching several of Mr. Manley's jury trials:

"It's words-and how they're delivered in the courtroom-that separate average attorneys from the "big guns". Flint attorney, Mike Manley in action has handled some high profile criminal cases in Lapeer, and won. His courtroom presence is unmatched. Manley chooses his words with precision, delivering them with a punch. He understands the magic and power of words." -Lapeer County Press, July 22, 2001

Michael P. Manley is also no stranger to high profile cases. One of his jury trials was carried live across the nation on TruTV (formerly Court TV) and the not guilty verdict was read before a national audience. Mr. Manley has appeared on 20/20, Dateline, The Today Show, CBS Early Morning Show, MSNBC, Sally Jessy Raphael and Maury Povich as well as national, regional and local news reports always advocating on behalf of his clients.